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10 steps to an Embarrassing 20th High School Reunion

Step 1:  Wear a killer black shirt and dark skirt.  Buy nylons with ribbons running up the back.  Wear amazingly gag me with a spoon black heels.  String your grandmother’s strands of faux pearls and diamonds around your neck.  Wear smokey eyes.

Step 2:Show up to a casual dress high school reunion

Step 3:  Get the shorts out of your trunk and hurry and put them on.

Step 4: Write your maiden name on a nametag:  MARIANNE Hansen

Step 5: Spend the evening talking to people who you have kind of reconnected with on Facebook.

Step 6:  Kind of talk to a few people who you haven’t reconnected with on Facebook.  Have them look at you, look at your nametag, look at you and look confused.

Step 7: Question why so many people would look at you and your nametag puzzled.

Step 8: Leave with a friend and go get ice cream.

Step 9: Have your friend, an hour after the four hour reunion is over remind you that in high school, you went by ANNE.

Step 10: Go to bed.


  1. Ingrid says:

    Yeah but did it cost you $200 to go. Mine is so I am buying airplane tickets instead for my October family reunion in Jackson Hole.

    1. Marianne says:

      It cost me more because I bought close that I wore for ten minutes.

  2. Which is exactly why I opted for the ‘No Show’ route. Stand tall – at least you went.

    Maybe some of those recently acquired Zumba moves would’ve helped?!? Or, would that make the list grow to #11??

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