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NPR is Always Here to Cheer You Up

If you are having the winter blahs like I was, may I make a recommendation?

You should listen to more NPR.

I know. NPR isn’t usually what people prescribe for the blahs. It has a little bit of a bad rep for being informative.

But sometimes information can be fun.

I listen to A LOT of NPR podcasts. A LOT. Not it’s news programs, of course. For news, I turn to RTE Ireland’s news. It’s easier to cope with news about the US from another country. And I can only get it in half hour bursts. The day after.

Anyhow. Back to NPR.

One of the more enjoyable programs is Planet Money. You can just tell from the title it’s going to be entertaining. When they get going on how the Dow Jones Industrial average is a useless number, hilarity ensues.

The program published February 3 was episode 752: Eagles vs. Chickens. Go listen to it right now.

I’ll wait.

You may think I enjoyed this episode because over a hundred chickens were killed a day, but you’d be wrong. Some of the chickens were killed for sport and the eagles shouldn’t do that. It’s sad.

I loved how the rancher had a problem he couldn’t readily solve. He can’t do anything to harm the eagles and scare tactics weren’t working. So he built cabins and started an eagle viewing/photography business.

What a great idea! There are so many times I’m going along in life and I think I’m doing a good thing like setting up a self-sustaining organic farm when all of a sudden, eagles gather and swarm. I could really get into this metaphor, but instead I’m going to let you expand the metaphor yourself and decide how deep you want to take it.

I need to remember to turn it around and build cabins. Maybe make some money off unfortunate events or experiences. Open an Etsy shop.

This episode was the perfect cure for my winter blahs. I recommend it.

While you’re at it, look up Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.   It’s probably the greatest game show ever invented.

For the radio.

That I know about.

Our chickens scare me. Their eyes are too small and they stare.

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