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Personal Growth Isn’t as much Fun as Advertised

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I’ve lost my mind.

(I should probably look back and see how often I’ve started posts with this information, but it may be best to just not know for sure.)

You should only have to deal with one existential dilemma a day.  It should be some sort of law.

First, I realized I’m more judgmental than I thought.  I thought I was a free and easy, accepting type.  Then I asked my friend who owns a ranch if she could teach a group of women from church how to lasso.  She doesn’t know how to lasso.  I  just assumed that someone who lives on a Montana ranch and has been kicked in the face by a cow on a yearly basis would know how to lasso.

So I had to apologize to my friend.  And she forgave me.  She’s a good person, even though she can’t lasso.

Second, I found out I was being judged.  It’s  cosmically unfair to find out the day I’m trying not to label someone a lassoer that I’m being negatively labeled by someone.  I mean, it would be one thing if I were labeled a hater who could  lasso, but no.  I don’t even get that.

So now the only thing left for me to do is teach the group of women from church a line dance I learn from YouTube.

I can only handle so much personal growth in one day.

(If you click on that link, I promise you’ll thank me.)

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