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The Graham Norton Show is Hilarious

It’s raining.  And it’s cold.  I’m wearing socks with my Birkenstock.  With capris.  Not many people could pull this look off.  Actually, maybe no one can.  But I feel as though the dog socks change everything.  Mostly because they don’t match my shoes. 

The bright red sweatshirt I’m wearing pulls it all together, though.

To add to this, I’m having issues with the Shoe Chronicles newsletter.  I’m trying to make it be automated.  Instead, it’s just not sending.  It should’ve gone out today with my regular newsletter, but it didn’t.

I need chocolate.

In addition to these unfair circumstances, the world keeps changing in ways I don’t fully understand.  The kids are home for summer and I keep forgetting to return a saxophone to the music store. 

I keep forgetting to buy milk and we have two new young chickens that need baby chicken feed.  They only have massive bags.  One of the older chickens “died” and now the black one keeps calling for it.  Or something.  It’s just not a good experience at my house.

(We will save the discussion as to why we have two new chickens when the WHOLE WORLD minus 1 person knows I dislike chickens and the fact I’ve lived with that person for 17 years for another time.) 

I want to go on a brain vacation where I don’t have to think.  For about two years.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  My kids probably think I’m already on it.

But that doesn’t count.

So today I’m taking a break and watching You-Tube clips of the Graham Norton Show.  He is a brilliant talk show host in England.  He throws a bunch of people onto a couch and asks them questions.  It’s always hilarious.

To share my utter joy with this show, I’ve included a couple of links below. 

These are fairly innocent clips but if you keep hitting links, know that rules are different across the pond and all words are allowed on this show.

The first link is hilarious because of Bill Murray and Matt Damon. They cannot stop laughing.

And then this link is Graham reading tweets after Matthew Crowley died on Downton.


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