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Watching Team England as a Celebrity

I went to England.

I served an LDS mission in the Leeds, England area and they were having a reunion in England. We will not discuss what years the reunion was for. Ever. Simply because it is not possible for that much time to have passed and my skin look this good. Therefore that much time has not passed.

I am amazing at logic.

I also learned that I am amazing at buying sporting tickets online in another country.

While I was there, I wanted to see a soccer/football game. Premier League was off that week because England was playing Slovakia at Wembley.  I got on Stub Hub which took me to another affiliate website and I looked at possible tickets. I didn’t know the set up of Wembley so I just scrolled through the tickets. It looked like I had the options of seats out in the open air or, for the same price, box seats. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me how box seats could be the same price as regular tickets, but I decided to buy them. Maybe box seats weren’t as private and posh in England. Maybe they were just seats in the shape of a box. That would make their price more understandable.

We got to Wembley stadium after a full 10 hrs of sight seeing (Read: we looked ragged) and bought our England team scarves. I was so excited to go to a game and wave my scarf and scream my head off. The majority of people were going up to ramps on either side of the main street. There were people with crazy hats and face painting, wearing English flags. I couldn’t wait to join them. Our tickets said “Wembley Club.” We showed our tickets to an attendant and he told us to walk straight ahead to the base of the stadium instead of up a ramp. Not a lot of people were heading that way and even fewer had scarves or crazy clothes. I guess I shouldn’t judge. Dark grey suits can be very crazy in the right circumstances.

We got to the entrance that said Wembley Club and saw red carpet. I showed our tickets to another attendant and he whistled and told us we had great seats. I’d never walked on red carpet at an entrance before. I figured it stood for Team England.

When we walked into the stadium, we were guided to the left. People in bow ties and suits were standing on either side of an escalator. We showed them our tickets and they let us in and told us to go up to the next floor.

We went up a floor and then we were told to go up one more. The farther up we went, the nicer people were dressed. By the time we got to our floor, everyone was in suits and we were the ONLY ones wearing scarves. In fact, people looked at us a bit funny. Two attendants even asked to see our tickets.

I think I dressed incredibly well for a football game.

Our floor was all private rooms. No one else was around. We kept walking and walking and we finally got to the number on our tickets and I opened the door. There was a private bathroom to my right. I opened the next door and there was a huge table with people eating dinner. I quickly backed out before anyone could see me.

We found a waiter and I asked if we were in the right place. He looked us up and down and said, “How did you get up here? Celebrities are on this floor.”.

I was a little offended he just assumed we weren’t celebrities without even asking.

We went back to the main security and they told us we were on the right floor. The manager asked, “Did you go in the room and people were eating dinner?” I answered yes. “That is a bit uncomfortable.” I love British understatement.

He told us to wait and he double-checked our tickets. Somehow, we were guests of Sparkle Waste Management. We walked back to the door and I opened it. I then pushed my sister-in-law in first.

Box seats are basically the same in England as the U.S. and I have no idea how I ended up with them.   I did appreciate the nice dessert I got during halftime, though. And the Diet Coke.

I was also able to ask a nice man in the box next to ours about the English team. He was very informative and answered all of my questions about England and Slovenia. Then he told me England was actually playing Slovakia before he got up to get himself a beer. He did not sit by me the rest of the game.

I wonder if it was my scarf.

PS England won!!!


  1. Megan Goates says:

    You have a gift for funny. This is so good.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Thank you!

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