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What Do You Do When You See a Celebrity?

I had a personal celebrity sighting.

And I froze. I froze so bad that she noticed I was staring at her and I could tell it made her a little uncomfortable. I’ve never done that before.

I’ve met actors and actresses and basketball players and authors and handled it quite well. Okay. I may have slightly stalked Jasper Fforde but he was really nice about it. And to be fair, people encouraged me. It wasn’t my fault.  (Read The Eyre Affair.  Your life will be better.  And you’ll understand.  Anyone who can remember quotes that well is amazing.)

But this time, I froze. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say to her.

So I was on my own.  Staring awkwardly at @thepinkhairshopper

I follow her on Instagram and her pictures are amazing. I love her clothes and style. Hollie told me about her and I fell in love.  She is simply an inspiration.

Hollie also led me to @thepinkhairshopper’s daughter, Sarah Jayne’s YouTube channel and oddly, this is what led me to stare uncomfortably at @thepinkhairshopper.

I was at Nordstrom to try on foundation Sarah Jane recommended in a video she made a couple years ago. I have no idea if she still uses it. I just know that it guided me to Nordstrom on that fateful day.

On a decent, semi-overcast afternoon, I thought I saw someone with stylish pink hair go into Nordstrom. I hurried and parked in a handicapped parking spot and then told my mom with two less-than-fully-functional-knees to hurry.


We sauntered into Nordstrom and the heavens opened and a ray of sunshine beamed down into the purse department. I stood and stared. She looked up, noticed I was staring and then tried to go on with her purse inquiry with the knowledge someone who could be nuts was staring at her.

I did what every mature, confident adult would do in this situation.

I hurried and dialed Hollie. She didn’t answer. I texted her and asked what to do. I texted her again USING ALL CAPS in case she didn’t realize the emergency that was happening.  But she wasn’t watching her phone for my constant texts like she is supposed to. I think she was living her life or something ridiculous like that.

Then the conversation ended and @thepinkhairshopper walked away.

Of course, five minutes later, Hollie gave me the best introduction line ever:

Ask her what she’s buying cuz you need to buy it too.

I think it’s unfair Hollie doesn’t have a communication chip in her head so that I can just tap into her brain for emergencies like this.

(I have emergencies like this A LOT.)

(And you know I’m serious because I used all caps.)

So that was my personal celebrity sighting. I still think she’s wonderful and I hope that she has completely forgotten about the slightly psychotic looking redhead in the purse department of Nordstrom.

I promise I’m fun at parties.

I promise.

Normally, I put some sort of a picture somewhere in my posts, but nothing I could post would compete with @pinkhairshopper.  Just go there.

Has anyone else met someone they’re in awe of and just froze? 

(Please say yes, even if it’s just to make me feel better)

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