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Israel Insight

I am taking a break from my usual incredibly intelligent insights into life to write a few

Random things I learned in Israel:

The orthodox Jews in the area believe this statue of David is a form of idolatry so they broke his nose off. The next step is blue paint. The gov't keeps cleaning it up and the neighbors keep defiling it.

-The reason there are churches on all the holy sites of Israel is that Constantine’s mother, Helena had rabbis show her where all the holy sites were and she built a church over it.  There may have been some torture involved so even if they didn’t know where something happened, they still said where it was.  While the churches aren’t in the exact spot, they are all in the general areas of where things happened.

-Five religions are fighting over the Tomb of the Sepulchre.  They were fighting so much that the keys to the building were finally given to a Muslim family who are paid to unlock the doors in the morning and lock them at night.  There is a ladder on the second story of the building that has been there for ten years but all five religions want the honor of taking it down and so there it stays.  An Ethiopian religion worships on the roof because that is the only space left.  There is a lot of pigeon poop in the rafters but because everyone wants the privilege of cleaning it, it just stays there.

the holy ladder

-Spencer W. Kimball speculated that when Christ told Peter that he would deny him three times, it was more in the imperative form.  Christ was telling Peter to deny him three times to avoid arrest, so Peter could continue preaching.  For Peter to go from maiming someone during Christ’s arrest to denying him three times seems to be a big jump.  I thought this made a lot of sense.

– The reason some Muslims are so strict with women is that they only give women the rights outlined in the Koran.  The Koran doesn’t talk much about women so it gives them few rights.  Other sects only restrict women how the Koran tells them so they have all the rights.  I didn’t realize this.  I thought it was just the decision of the governments randomly.

The perfect souvenier: glow in the dark Marys

I learned a lot more, but these are just the things that stood out today.  Israel is an interesting country.  A lot of conflict has happened here since the beginning of time.  It is such a small area but also so important in so many ways.  I will be interested to see how things change here.


  1. That’s pretty funny that five religions are fighting over the right to clean the poop or move the ladder. And interesting about Peter’s denials. I always wonder how much has been lost in translation and interpretation of events by the writers of the books. They didn’t write their memories down right away, and yet their words have been read and fought over for generations.

  2. botut says:

    David with a nose job, holy ladder and pigeon poo and a glow-in-the-dark Mary: those are all firsts for me!

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