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A Now Something You’ll Really Like

To get us to the weekend where absolutely nothing will change.

Today is going to be some videos that have made me laugh over this last week.  But don’t you worry.  I’m hard at work writing something about surfing and bourbon as per Kelli’s request.  It’s been more of a struggle than what I thought it would be.  I mean, someone like me who is such an expert on both surfing and bourbon – it should be coming naturally.

I don’t know how to put you-tube videos onto my website so I’m going to link.

First is a comedian – James Veitch.  Once you watch this, watch a few where he answers spam emails.

This is a family that has more time than I do, but is highly entertaining. (It’s from Facebook, so I’m unsure how well it will link.)

And this one is a desperate mother’s prayer

Happy Thursday!!!


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