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Who Am I?

To the Point:

I am a humor writer, wife, mother of 3 and purchaser of shoes.  I have a JD from U of Iowa, an MA and a BA from BYU, but I’m still trying to convince my family I know what I’m talking about.  When not writing or watching bad television, I can be found answering the question: “What would happen if I…”

More Verbose:

I spent the first half of my life in Connecticut.  In high school, I was uprooted from my home and moved to Utah.  I have been trying to move back East ever since.  I’m starting to think it will be just as easy to change that goal to move to the Far East.

I attended Brigham Young University and got a degree in English, realized I had no employable abilities and got an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  The only full-time job I could get was in Yemen so I went to the University of Iowa law school.

Then I married a dentist.  My husband fluctuates between being very lovable and being slightly neurotic.  Sometimes, or often,  I am the deciding factor on how that scale balances.

We ended up in Helena, Montana and now have three kids.

While in Helena, I became a member of the Montana bar, but my goal is to never practice law unless forced.  Instead, I do my best to find the irony in the seriousness of life and put it into words. I’m doing my best to let people know it’s okay to live in suburbia while continually wondering how you got here.

That is me (or I).  Who are you?

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