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Alien Abduction part one

I’m not positive, but I may have been abducted recently.  I don’t have any strange markings, except I do have a couple pimples, but I think aliens are getting trickier and are hiding their experiments better.

I’ve been wondering about this because I just haven’t been myself recently.

I’ve done the best I can to create the persona that I am unwilling to do things that do not deliberately benefit myself.  This persona is much harder to develop than it seems.  I’d thought I’d done an amazingly good job at this until, during a 20 minute time span, I was asked for 2 different favors yesterday.  I woke up  thinking I just had to buy a baby gift and two birthday gifts and ended up leaving Target agreeing to teach a computer class tonight and three Wednesday kids’ college classes on games.  (Also showing that my persona of being a child loather also has a few holes in it.)

I rarely volunteer for stuff.  But I also rarely say no when asked to do stuff.  (Unless I’ve already agreed to something else.)  The universe is supposed to make sure those 2 parts of the equation balance out and agree with my developed antisocial persona.

Now my whole understanding of the universe is being brought into question.  But I don’t have time to figure it out because I have to learn how to use my computer by this evening (and I use a Mac which won’t apply to most of the people who show up so if anyone knows some general virus tips, I’m accepting them) and I have to finalize the game Left, Right, Center to play with two groups of 10-11 year olds at noon tomorrow.

My son doesn’t want to be one of them, by the way.  I asked him if he wanted to take my kids’ college class.  He paused and said, “No. That’s OK.  Thanks though.”

(But don’t worry.  Like any good mom, I will force him to go support me.)

Tomorrow's game plan.  And don't worry about all of that candy.  I'm married to a dentist so it's ok.

Tomorrow’s game plan. And don’t worry about all of that candy. I’m married to a dentist so it’s OK.


  1. Susie says:

    I feel like I am a bit antisocial myself unless I’m in a social setting then I enjoy visiting. Otherwise I would rather not leave my house unless I have to. We should be antisocial together.

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