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And the Winner is…


I’ve known her for about thirteen years and she’s an amazing mom, but I think it helps that she lives in Hawaii.  She has three incredibly cute- wait.  the oldest two are tween/teen so they can’t be cute.  She has handsome  boys and her husband creates amazing sand sculptures.  She is wonderfully creative and introduced me to stamping and card making.  I look forward to her birthday card every year.  She’s even taken hula dancing.

It’s kind of unfair that she won when she lives in Hawaii.  It’s like she wins every day.  At the same time, fruit in Hawaii can be oddly expensive so it does end up being kind of fair.

Except for the fact that she lives in Hawaii.

But we’re going to be big about this and say:


(and we kind of hope you get a sunburn.)

Thanks to everyone for entering!  I loved reading the stories.  I hoped it helped everyone feel a little more  in the “norm.”  I know social media can make me feel a bit “lacking” at times and life nowadays seems to be a lot about image, but when I get around friends, I know I’m doing what I can.  We’re all doing what we can to make it through the day except for the few days we’re able to do more!  Here’s to all the AVERAGE (AND EXCEPTIONAL) MOMS!!!!!


  1. Dawn Peterson says:

    I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Especially since I just read you post about depression and it hit home!! It’s been a rough week, even though I live in Hawaii!

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      In some ways, I could see depression being harder there because of the spirit of Aloha. I’m glad you won!

  2. Dawn Peterson says:

    By the way, I got sunburned at the beach last weekend. You’re welcome.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Thank you. I really appreciate that 🙂

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