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I Apologize. I Forgot One of Our Family Cars

I forgot a bad family car in my last post.

My husband has owned three cars.

There was an Oldsmobile.

I don’t think they make Olds anymore. And I think this one was from the 80’s and very long. It was a perfect car for students in law school and dental school. It even had red, velvety upholstery.

We drove it a lot.

Then one day, the driver’s side door decided it should collect water when it rained. We were attending the University of Iowa. Iowa has a lot of rain. The door filled up often. When you opened and shut the door, you could hear the water swishing inside the door.

This door had more than one screw and door mechanics inside the paneling, so it was just inconvenient to constantly take the door off. (Not every car can be a KIA.)

Husband decided to just drill a hole in the bottom of the door so the water could drain. Sometimes he would have to put a tube in it and suck the water through the tube so the pressure would keep it draining. I didn’t know you could really do that. I thought it was something they did on TV shows, but I guess it’s real.

Another time, my friend and I studied late at the law library, as one does, and walked to my car. It wouldn’t start. The battery wasn’t dead. It did nothing. So my friend called her fiancé and he came out to us. He is a car guy. I am not so what I’m about to say could be completely wrong, but I think he put gas directly into the carborator. Is that right? Do people do that? He put gas directly somewhere in the engine. Then he told me to turn the key. The engine then caught on fire and my friend and I raced down to the gas station a block away and asked for a fire extinguisher.

The fire was out by the time we got back. The fiancé kept telling us they were only fumes. My friend and I said that once there are flames, it’s changed its state of being.

I told Kevin and he looked at the engine. He pulled out a very charred air filter. We should’ve framed it.

This car died when someone drove into it as they left work at the Burlington Coat Factory. It was parked on the side of the road and had been for a couple of days.   The story we were told was that the employee was overly tired and didn’t see the car. At 4pm.  On a clear day.  But in no were any intoxicating substances were imbibed.

I really can’t believe I forgot the car that caught on fire.

As you can tell, we drive amazing cars.

I feel like the obvious next car for us would be a Mercedes. But one of the first ones. From 1926.

Bad Family Car

Maybe I should try racing. Are demolition derbies still around? If it’s good enough for Fonzie and Pinkie…

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