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Being Myself

Normally, I write about my deficiencies in the arts of homemaking and child rearing, but today I a going to praise myself. It was parent/teacher conferences last night and James wrote that he is good at being himself. How awesome is that? A lot of that is just him, but I am giving myself kudos for allowing it… I try to let him be who he is even though I am so scared for JR. High that I have thought of moving to get into a different school (k-8) to skip the whole jr. high thing. So while I have been sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth completely neurotic, it has not affected him.

I am not the mom who makes perfect cupcakes with sprinkles, but when I try, then end up looking like someone has taken a dump on a plate… I am not the type of mom to come up with fun activities and to play with my kids or teach them to read before they are in school. I am just an average person whose main goal is that her kids are fed, dressed (clean clothes are a plus), and who occasionally bathe. I haven’t gotten the H1N1 vaccine not because of political, ethical reasons but because I don’t want to have three screaming kids all at once. I just try to make it to bedtime without yelling too much or saying something that will come out as changing their lives for the worse in counseling or drug rehab.

My kids learned the ABC’s from Elmo and now Seth knows Spanish from Dora; I think he also believes everyone who speaks Spanish has triangular hair, but we will work on that later.

So I am average. I am also really tired and usually guilt myself into everything else I am not doing for my kids. But last night, I realized I am actually a great mom because my son “is good at being myself!”

Now if I could just find the eggs.

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