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Bus Stops

I miss all of my friends. I want someone to move here that will call me up and ask me to lunch. That is all I really want. I can go to lunch alone, but I need someone to suggest it to me. And I think it is unfair that you meet friends throughout your life and you can’t take them with you as you go on in life. Everyone really should move to Montana. The economy is nice and steady. We have really fresh meat. We even have fresh veggies and there are Flathead cherries which are supposed to be the best, but I’m not good at telling cherries apart. They all make things run smoothly for me…

I would like adult conversations that don’t revolve around children. But I have nothing adult to say. I try as hard as I can to ignore politics and news because it isn’t happy. I don’t have many hobbies except knitting and I’m trying to get into photography. I do write, but I get embarrassed talking about writing because I am very good at doing EVERYTHING besides write. My goal is a book proposal this summer because I need a deadline to finish. But that isn’t necessarily a conversation I want either.

When single, I think I mostly talked about school and boys. No, wait. I was also slightly politically active so I had some political discussions. Seeing as I did nothing with my views, however, that may have just been feeling self-important. So maybe I’ve never been much of a conversationalist. Maybe that is my problem. Maybe my friends really do want to move to Montana and freeze, but my lack in conversational skills is keeping them away.

Huh. I think I’m going to start talking to myself to practice conversations. I think that will help me. I’m sure it will help me make more friends. People always want to make friends with someone who is always talking to themselves. Especially at bus stops.


  1. wyattjenae says:

    I have to tell you I think you are awesome. I always find anything you write to be fun to read. I wish that I had your talent and I am very sorry that Montana is so far away.

  2. Heidi says:

    Marianne- yes the fresh meat is what we are looking for in a home locale! P.S. You have been talking to yourself for long enough already that I doubt people will think it is weird.

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