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How I Cope aka Why I was at a Casino Last Night

Do you ever need to cope after an amazingly bad day?  Couple days?  Week?  Fortnight?

Well, I’ve had a couple bad days.

Basically due to the fact that I cannot control all that is happening around me and I am not an Avenger or Dr. Strange, life has occurred without my permission.  And this life has been somewhat stupid.  I have had a couple bizarre and stupid days.


It was simply an inevitable flow of occurrences to then find me at a casino last night buying shoes from someone dressed in camo.

A lot of people find themselves in casinos when the going gets rough and they just can’t face it anymore.  It’s not anything new.

And if you’re going to a casino to buy something, of course you’re going to have to go around the corner to the back and of course the seller is going to wear camouflage.

We need to keep our socially unacceptable habits on the down low and camouflaged.  (Like Facebook stalking.)

I threw the money on the table, grabbed the black bag of shoes, and ran out.

I know going to a casino isn’t always the cure for horrid days and I shouldn’t make it a habit.

But come on.

Need to cope with a bad day

Aren’t these just perfect for a bad day?

And if I’m being honest- I was going to buy the shoes if I’d had amazing days as well.  Because.  These shoes.

Need to cope with a bad day

There is nothing bad about these shoes except it’s taken this long to find them.


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