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Do You Think Blogging Is Going Out of Style?

I’ve been asking around if blogging is still a good medium to “get the word out.”  I’ve had a lot of mixed answers.  Some say it is on the way out along with Facebook.

But what is replacing it?

Do people no longer have time to read what other people are thinking?

Do people no longer care? (I find that hard to believe.  I’m pretty sure my shopping on Black Friday changed the world.  Or at least the United States economy.)

Four years ago, Forbes said Twitter and Facebook were replacing blogging and yet it’s still around.  Other articles I found are at least a year old.

This is just a short and to the point entry sincerely asking what you think?

Do you still enjoy reading blogs?  Which are your favorites?  Why?

  • Here is a picture because people like blogs with pictures.  This shoe is too big, by the way.  I almost fell 3x when I wore it.  I will fix that.

    Here is a picture because people like blogs with pictures. This shoe is too big, by the way. I almost fell 3x when I wore it. I will fix that.


  1. AlleyStories says:

    Yes. Twitter and Facebook have something in common, (some) posts are short and meaningful. Sadly, people nowadays are less willing to spend time to read long wordy posts.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      I always try to figure out how long is too long… It’s a constant battle.

      1. It’s too long when the reader loses interest. If you can captivate them then they’ll be with you for the long haul!

  2. Sarah says:

    I think that blogs were really popular a few years ago and everyone had one. But then it got hard to be consistent and most of those people who jumped on the bandwagon because it was the thing to do, dropped out of the blogging world. So what’s left are people who are more serious about it. And those are the blogs that are probably worth reading anyhow. There are a lot of blogs out there that still get tons of views daily and are still very popular. Personally, though I like the idea that someone out there is reading my stuff, mostly its my way of keeping track of family history. It’s my journal and my scrapbook all rolled into one. And when I print it out into a book to put on my bookshelf, I feel like I’ve kept our memories all nice and preserved. Even if those memories are also interspersed with my random thoughts that have nothing to do with anything important. 🙂 And so though I’ve certainly become less prolific this past year…I will continue on with my blog because when all is said and done, its primary reason for being is for me.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Ok. I’m messaging you to find out where you do this.

  3. Kelli B. says:

    I read and for laughs (because both authors are HILARIOUS; maybe it’s the Mormon/Utah connection). I also read thesuperficialcom, which is written by a male chauvinist pig but I haven’t found a better source for celebrity gossip. I don’t Tweet and, as for Facebook, I no longer care what most people there think. The uninformed political opinions and unfunny attempts at humor are killing me.

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