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Let’s Move to Magical Ephesus

Ephesus is magical

There is a new, modern town next to ruins from thousands of years ago.  One pillar still stand from the Temple of Artemis.  Ruins from the temple were used to build the Basilica of John; the believed burial place of John the Apostle.

Column of Artemis

That column in the distance has been around for thousands of years.

Then there are the actual ruins of Ephesus itself.  They are preserved enough that you can imagine how life was there.  You can see where the stores, baths, and toilets were.  You can see how large the market place was and imagine how noisy and crowded it must have been, especially after visiting the Grand Bazaar.

We spent 2 hours touring the ruins of Ephesus and learning about the area. And feeding the cats.  There are a lot of cats in Ephesus.  You should bring cat food if you go.  Then you can have a posse follow you around.  I felt practically famous.

Here’s one of the cats we supported in its life living amongst the upper class of Ephesus


We spent the night in Kusadasi and Kevin started talking about renting a house there for the summer.  The best word to describe this town is pleasant.  The people are kind; the weather is calm with a bit of wind; the Aegean Sea is outside your window.  There was nothing not to like about this town.

The fish is caught in the morning and served for dinner.  Our guide, Mert, knew everyone here.

Couldn’t you live here the rest of your life and be happy? Me too!

A Turkish Shave

And this is where Kevin got his Turkish shave.  It was classic.  He used to use a Flowbee in college.  Since graduating, he has purchased clippers and cut his own hair, just more closely.  He has gotten his hair cut by other people, but usually just for special occasions.  This was going to be a VERY new experience.

The hairdresser started with clippers and then used scissors on his newly shaved head.  Then they had him bend forward and washed his head.  After he sat back, his hairdresser had this pink silly putty that he stuck in his ears and around his eyebrows.  Then he ripped it off.  Kevin was a bit surprised by the feeling of hair being ripped out by it’s roots.  I had little sympathy due to having my eyebrows done every month.

Barbershop in Turkey

It looked very relaxing until the hot wax…

A lighted candle burned off the little fuzz on the top of the ear and then he had a nice relaxing straight edge shave.

He walked out a new man.  With a shiny, slightly redder face.

The House of Mother Mary

My favorite place was the House of Mother Mary.  It is thought that John the Apostle brought Mother Mary back to Ephesus on his last trip here and she spent her last days in a stone home in the mountains by the town.  The house is very plain with only two rooms.  The larger room now has an altar and a statue of Mary.  The smaller room was her bedroom.

I love this place because it’s the one place Muslims and Christians come to pay their respects to Mary.  The Koran mentions Mary and how holy she is.  Many Muslims have a relic of Mary in their homes.

It is such a peaceful place.  Literally.  It brings two religions that are often misunderstanding and arguing with each other together in peace.

And there are faucets that are supposed to bring you health, happiness and wealth if you drink from them.  What more can you want?

Stone House in Ephesus Mountain

Whether or not Mary lived here, it’s just an amazing place.

There was so much more we did and learned, but these blogs have been just the basic highlights.  You should just go.

Just go.

Go now.

Call SMR Travel RIGHT NOW!!!

Waiting for Mom

I love this picture. They don’t even care what the differences are around them, they just want me to be finished with window shopping

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