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Estate Jewelry

I was just at my parents’ house and I realized they have a lot of stuff. They have a lot of useless stuff. It made me ponder as I thought about a friend who just helped her mom sell her house and go through all her useless stuff. It inevitably comes down to the children to go through all of this stuff. Now I’m not saying that my parents are close to kicking the bucket (unless you ask them and then they may tell you the bucket is already tipping and doesn’t need to be kicked, a good nudge should get them to the other side just fine) but watching my brother help my mom put full-size Louis L’Amour books back on the shelf made me ponder. Who is going to want any of this? My husband loves L’Amour but only in paperback. My parents have their VHS library still. Even though they no longer have video players. It is a confusing situation.

I just think my parents should stop buying things. They are spending my inheritance on things I don’t want. I think they should ask me from now on what they should buy. I think that would be nice.

This is why I buy lots of expensive jewelry. I figure Katherine will like to wear it when she is older or she can hawk it and can get money for it. I guess I could ebay L’Amour, but it isn’t as easy as jewelry. I think instead of buying leather books, my dad should start buying L’Amour inspired jewelry – takes up less room and easier to get money back. Cuz there is no way I would wear it.


  1. Annie says: kill me. I think I'm going to start a private blog of my musings too. I'm getting stuck in the kid rut and I want to discuss things like, "Don't rewind the VHS in the VCR, that's why we bought the video rewinder." When YOU know that you could get a new VCR at a garage sale for $4. Parents are sick….I hope my mom reads this—I like the whole, "ask me if IIIII want it before you buy it!" What do you think, mom?

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