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Facebook is giving me a slight complex

Sometimes Facebook makes me feel like a loser.  When 7 of my friends all have a mutual friend but I have no idea who this person is, I begin to wonder what these 7 friends have been doing without me.  I don’t care if they all live in another state.  They don’t all live in the SAME state, which means they aren’t all hanging out with this person without me; they just know them without me.  How is this happening?

And I’m really happy to know that I have over 200 friends.  This fact would have helped a lot in jr. high, actually.  But right now it doesn’t help too much because Daniel has 2000 friends.  I would tell him to go out and get a life but he is obviously getting out a lot already because he has 2000 friends.  And over 200 people wished him a happy birthday.  It makes my 40 (which I am very, very happy about thank you every one) look like loser ville, which would NOT have helped me in jr high.

But I like Facebook.  It’s an easy way to communicate with people without having to call and figure out what to say past that first sentence.  Because I don’t have time for real conversations.  I mean, who does with all the time I spend on Facebook?

I may give it up for Lent.  Let me know when there are three days of Lent left and I promise, I will give it up.

Wait.  What if I don’t post, but I can read other people’s posts?

Wait.  What if I can only post from 2-2:10pm?

Wait.  What if I can read others’ posts, can only post from 2-2:10pm and if something really, really important happens that no one would actually know about except for the fact that I can post it on the world wide web really easily?

But besides that.  Totally giving it up.  For three days.  Unless no one reminds me.


  1. Rebecca Stanfel says:

    Oh, I relate. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Mona says:

    My gosh, you hit it on the head…I deactivated my facebook, then I thought there are some positives to it (not the 2000 wishes thrown one’s way in haste), then I reactivated but made it uninteractive so no one could approach me (which is worse that deactivating). I am sorry I ever joined. It is a disease for which there is no antiobiotic. I will become your friend if you really need someone you don’t know at all. : )

  3. Liv Rancourt says:

    You’re killing me here.
    It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.
    And, because I’m weird that way, I can tell you that we’re almost half way through Lent, so you’re good to go for a while.

  4. julie farrar says:

    I’m torn about accepting friends’ requests. I have a lot pending. But if I have 2000 friends, then it’s harder to see what the people I REALLY am friends with are up to because I have to scroll through the lunch menu and weather report of people I know only virtually. I’m sure there is some way to group the friends, but I haven’t the time to figure out how to do that. Most days I even forget to post at all.

  5. Ha. A great laugh! I get this. FB is so Junior High. Except when we’re conversing…

    Then it’s Menza. Mensa. Minsa. Menace…

  6. Ha ha ha. It’s addictive. And while having all these “friends” can make you feel good, seeing how few you have compared to others can make you feel bad. Still, going off, even for Lent, would be difficult. Don’t want to miss out on anything unimportant. 🙂

  7. Tami Clayton says:

    Totally relate to the friend count thing. And yes, it takes me back to jr. high and high school for that matter. Then I get irritated with myself for even caring about such a silly thing as the number of friends I have on FB. Giving it up for Lent? Not sure that would lessen it for me. Maybe I should give up worrying about the numbers for Lent. That would be a much bigger challenge for me. 🙂

  8. People like us on Facebook as though we are the latest greatest fad. In other words, when they first come into our universe, we’re so interesting and they love our photos and just about every word we say. In time, they fade. They don’t buy our books. They don’t comment on our posts or blog posts. What we seem to be left with is a little group that cares. Some are inside our writing groups – others aren’t. They just happen to like us. Maybe we should rename our WANA112 group …The Little Group That Gives a Flip…?

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