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Family Vacation part Danish

It's a Beautiful Country

Denmark was interesting.  We rode bicycles around the city to try and feel like locals.  It didn’t really work for me.  I mostly felt like I had no idea where I was going, but I could get hit by a car or another bike at any time.  I like walking in confusion more than riding bikes.

I also liked walking more because there was so much to look at.  Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense have such beautiful areas,  I like to be able to look up without losing my balance.  I can’t do that riding a bike.  I can’t ride without holding on to the handlebars either.

I’m not sure I ever really got used to Denmark or Danish food.  I enjoyed Danish ice cream and pastries.  I also LOVED the street food.  It was the restaurant food I didn’t enjoy.  One meal had a lot of mayonnaise.  My kids still talk about the mayonnaise.  My son tried to taste his sister’s dish and only got a spoonful of mayonnaise.  There was a lot.

No wonder it’s a photographer’s dream to come here.

There were sections of Copenhagen you just wanted to stare at they were so beautiful.

Hans Christian Anderson wrote in the red house

We spent one night at Tivoli Gardens – the amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen Disney modeled Disneyland from.  We went on the swings that take you high up so you can see all of Copenhagen.  It was amazing and scared the living daylights out of me; it was so high.

We also went on a rollercoaster.  It didn’t scare me as much because it was low on the ground.  And I kept my eyes closed.

The peacock stage at Tyrol

Hans Christian Anderson was born in this neighborhood.

We took trains to Odense and Aarhus.  Somehow, I didn’t keep track of my hotel bookings very well and I had thought we were spending 3 nights in Odense and not going to Aarhus at all.  Then the manager at the hotel mentioned we were only spending one night there.  I quickly searched my emails and found a reservation in Aarhus for the next night.


I decided I shouldn’t be in charge of vacations anymore after this.  While booking apartments and hotels for three different countries for 9-11 people, I realized there is a skill at booking vacations and keeping everything in order.  I do not have this skill.  I have the ability to book hotels, but not when it takes math and organization.  It makes me tired and cranky.  Always fun attributes to have in a traveling companion.

I’ve taken Travel Agent off of my list of future careers.

Looking at these pictures, it’s hard to believe Denmark wasn’t my favorite.  I think I’d like to go back and go there first and not at the end of a long vacation that stressed me out.  I think I would enjoy it more if I could just get on a bike and get lost somewhere – how I enjoy traveling the most.

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