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Food Storage

I just cleaned out my pantry.
I found 7 bags of powdered sugar.
I found 12 random fruit snacks bags.
I found hot sauce from New Orleans.
I found 3 bags of split peas my husband bought 18 months ago because he wanted split pea soup.
I found 11 cans of kidney beans because my husband found them on sale.
I found that I need a recipe for 24 cans of diced tomatoes before they all go bad Dec ’09.
I found where the smell might be coming from… a potato was growing up the wall of the pantry.

I found that if I were to invite myself over for dinner, I don’t think I would come. Because although one smell is gone… I can still smell another. I’m not sure what I can clean next.

And this is a good week for me to go on my detox plan. Kevin hates it if I throw out canned food. He calls it food storage. I try and convince him that we have monthly lessons in relief society about ROTATING food storage, but he doesn’t get it. I think he believes if it is bottled or canned, it will last for eternity. I blame his father. SO the compromise has been that everything I am throwing away or giving to food share goes into a bin. Whatever is not gone by the end of the week, is thrown or given away. (Except the can of fiber I don’t remember purchasing. He has a whole month to go through that – plus with the 12 cans of beans, I doubt he will need it for a while.)

So far… 1 can of 2 yrs expired pears have been eaten by my 2 year old. It’s been 10 minutes and he is still alive.

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