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Friends (and some barbeque tips)

I couldn’t have made it to now without the help of my friends.

It’s interesting.  When I was sick and needed help, I didn’t accept much.  We hired a nanny and I made do with what I could.  Friends would ask how they could help and generally I would say that everything was “fine.”

Now, we’re living 20 minutes from school and activities and I can’t make it through a week without help from my friends.

I could’ve if nothing broke and no one got sick and people drove the speed limit on York Road instead of 10-20 mph UNDER it.

But my window shattered (DO NOT put your barbeque in front of a large glass window.  I’m being very descriptive here; just in case you have a large concrete window.  Anyway – Barbeques heat up.  If it is cold outside, the contrast between hot and cold will cause your window to shatter.  It may take 5 years, but shatter it will.  This will not, however, affect how good the steak tastes.)

And one day you will wake up, and make cinnamon rolls for your kids’ breakfast because you are just that domestic. But your oven doesn’t actually heat.  And the repair guy can only come during the time you pick up your kids.  And your son wants to stay after for an activity.

So you have your kids walk to a friend’s house where they will stay until another friend picks your son up and then picks them up and then drives out to your condo so that they will get back that much faster so that they can start on homework, piano playing, and reading.

I couldn’t have done all I’ve done without my friends.  I’m so grateful to everyone who is helping me.  It usually takes something I CAN’T do without someone else in order to ask or accept help.  I hate being a burden.  I think this is both a good and bad personality trait.  I think I will ponder this a bit more drinking a peppermint hot chocolate.

Once the house is finished, I’ll have everyone over for lunch.  Which I will have catered because if I cooked it, it wouldn’t be much of a thank you.


  1. livrancourt says:

    Are you flavoring the hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps? I think that makes the juggling go down a little bit easier.

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