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The Great Swimsuit Dilemma Continues

I felt like I should update everyone on the swimsuit dilemma.  People were concerned.  Prayers were said.  Letters were written to Santa.

It was basically the biggest news story of 2016.

The swimsuit and rash guard and cover up did NOT fit.  I got the wrong size.

But I didn’t want to let anyone down.

So I Googled “swim suits for women over 80.”

Sometimes Google has a very odd sense-of-humor.  (humour for my alternative spelling friends across the world.)

They sent me to VENUS – Sexiest Swimwear on the Beach.

My mom isn’t that kind of 80 year old.

And I found a blog about how to embrace being in a bathing suit when you’re over 60.  There was nothing in it about denial and wayward daughters forcing you to flee to Mexico for the holidays so I didn’t feel like it applied either.

Luckily there was the Tog Shop.  Not only did it have some cute tank top, short combos, but it also has muumuus.  My mom is now a great grandmother and basically muumuus are required everyday wear.  I’m very excited I am helping her into this next stage of her life.  She may never had made it had I not wrestled her to the ground, tied her hands and feet and forced her to try on a bathing suit.  (pretty dang hard  when your hands and feet are tied FYI)

So I hope everyone can sleep better now.  A new swimsuit is ordered and another great grandmother will have a muumuu.

Basically, I just saved 2016.

Get Ready Mexico! Here comes Mary!

Get Ready Mexico! Here comes Mary!


  1. Megan Goates says:

    Tears were shed. Hearts were lifted. Muumuus were worn.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Celine Dion sang

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