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Have You Taken an Acting Class?

I signed up for an adult acting class. I can’t act. I can make a fool out of myself, but I can’t act. I’m hoping these classes make me a better liar. Or maybe win more at poker. Something worth while like that.

This is me in my acting class. I’m in Harry Potter AND Fantastical Beasts. It’s interpretive.

I’ve always wanted to be able to act. I think mostly because I want to hide my thoughts better. I can feel my face show what I’m thinking immediately. It has to be helpful to be able to pretend to like someone or something. I’m mediocre at that right now. Mostly, I just use the word “fascinating.”

  • Isn’t that turquoise and yellow Mercedes fascinating?
  • I’ve never had Roast Beef pizza before. It has such a fascinating flavor.
  • You would like me to be in charge of an activity with 30 teenagers? That sounds so fascinating

People have been catching on, lately. It’s not fascinating when that happens.

I also have a difficult time talking while fake smiling. Looking happy when I’m thinking: “What a fascinating experience” is too much for me. I guess smiling when I’d like to be on the sofa reading a book takes a lot of my energy.

I wonder if I’m asking too much from acting classes. I think maybe I need a class on winning friends and influencing people or something like that. Someone should write a book on it.

I know people are going to tell me that we should be open and honest with our feelings. It’s unhealthy to keep them in. I get that. I do. If we were open and honest about our feelings no matter what, just imagine what the world would be like! Or instead of imagining it, you can just re-friend all of those people you’ve blocked on Facebook.

In real life, I’d just like to get along with people until I’m able to get to my couch to read a book. Just smile and nod and use a word different than “fascinating.”

It’s a new year. A time to start over and start fresh. So I’m taking acting classes.

What a fascinating thing to do!

Any suggestions for a new, all-encompassing word I can use?

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