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Headaches and White Powder

I had a migraine.

I wasn’t supposed to.

I just had a nice new dose of Botox to freeze my brain.

I can’t feel my forehead so I shouldn’t have headaches.  But as I was lying on a yoga mat, trying to straighten my leg without falling over, my vision went funny.  I ignored it until there was no denying what was happening. I dug through my purse looking for my migraine meds as I hurried to my car.

I hadn’t had a migraine for a year or so and the pill in my purse was old.  Very old.

I peeled open the aluminum packaging and the pill crumbled to a powder.

Now migraines make me a bit loopy.  The pain was already starting and I knew it was going to be bad.  So I stood on the street, in front of a local distillery, licking white powder off of my hands like a mad woman.

I looked up, saw the distillery, and for a split second I wanted to yell: “I have a migraine” just in case anyone was watching my intense drug-seeking actions.  But the pain was building.  I realized I didn’t care and hurried home.


I decided that in case someone did see me and that person happens upon this blog, I want you to know:

I may have ingested as much of that white powder as I could,

But I never inhaled.

Baseball caps help keep out the pain.  And this one helps me be full of glee.

Baseball caps help keep out the pain. And this one helps me be full of glee.

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