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I have no idea why I started a book club. I cannot get my act together enough to organize one. I can’t even meet the one in town half the time. So it is going to be postponed until further notice. I will continue to read trashy books – reading Dead until Dark right now – but I will no longer be public about it. I read Devil’s Cub and enjoyed it and thought it was a fun book. I wouldn’t give it to my mom for Mother’s Day, but that is how I feel with most of the books I read. That is as much of a review as we will get right now. I just feel as though I have no time for anything anymore.

I keep creating goals for myself. I have the goal to run the 5k in a month; I have the goal to finish reading all of the books I keep buying; I have the goal to finish the independent study class or I have the goal of figuring out how to get an extension or I have the goal of seeing what it feels like to get an incomplete in a class; I have the goal of throwing a party for a new college grad – she started her degree at BYU then got married, had 3 kids, husband got cancer and 10 years later, she got a degree so we thought we would throw her a party… OK, Kevin thought it would be great if we (but really I) threw her a party; I have the goal of going through all of my kids clothes and getting rid of small ones; I have the goal of taking those clothes along with some toys to the goodwill; I have the goal of getting a pedicure for sandal season which may actually happen in Montana this year and I want to be prepared dammit; I have the goal of doing my hair and make up sometime this week; and I have the goal of being consistent with my book club and blog.

I am feeling overwhelmed.


  1. Becky says:

    Finish your class, get a manicure and throw a party! Forget about everything else! (Because I enjoy reading your blog and selfishly want you to have time to do that most of all!)

  2. Heidi says:

    Get the manicure and read the dead books! Everything else goes!

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