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How to Get Back at Your Spouse in a Really Lame Way

Sometimes, this may surprise you, my husband and I get on each others’ nerves.  I know.  Like I would get on ANYONE’S nerves.

When I get mad, I can get petty and try to get back at him by spending money.   I’m not sure I’m taking revenge buying to its highest potential, though.

Recently, I needed two new sports bras.  Bras are expensive but sports bras can be really pricey.  So to show how mad I was, I bought THREE.  Did you see that? I only NEEDED two.  But I BOUGHT 3.

That third bra was bought solely for revenge. It’s my revenge bra. My husband actually has no idea I even bought it, but I do. And I’m hoping it helps me run faster.

It would if I were a TV character. Of course if I were a TV character, take Emily Thorne on REVENGE, for instance, I’d buy the mansion next to his, and slowly destroy his entire family and business associates while crossing their faces off with a red sharpie.

My anger purchase looks kind of lame next to that.

I really should work on my pettiness.  It’s not a good attribute.  Or take it to the next level and actually tell my husband when I revenge buy. What I’m doing now just seems kind of frivolous.

But at least I’m feeling fully supported.

Maybe I should up my game by buying a new car.

Maybe I should up my game by buying a convertible.


  1. le0pard13 says:

    Now that you mention it, I’m wondering what my spouse has purchased recently in the revenge category?

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Hopefully it’s a little more exciting than mine…

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