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How We’re Teaching Our Kids About the Founding Fathers

Yesterday we celebrated President’s Day by not going to work or school. It’s kind of odd to celebrate the Founding Fathers who worked their tails off with no work but I got to sleep in so I’m happy. My husband decided we should take this time to help our kids appreciate what life was like for Washington and Lincoln so we turned off all the lights.

Growing up, the power would go out all of the time and we’d often spend a night by candlelight. I remember doing homework and playing monopoly with candles and a flashlight.

My kids have never experienced a power outage (minus the huge one in NYC when My oldest and I got stuck on a subway but he was 1 and has no memory of it. I still remember walking along rails holding him and sighing in relief when I reached the street.). But we do take them camping and so they’ve done things without electricity before. I think the problem yesterday was that my daughter saw NO REASON to go without electricity when it was readily available. And she let us know.

She was dead-on with her observation of “I thought the whole reason people invented things was so WE COULD USE THEM.”

And that “George Washington would’ve used electricity if he’d had it.”

We couldn’t argue with any of that. So we simply said, “You may be right but we’re your parents, so deal with it.”
(I believe it was Adam and Eve who came up with that brilliant line.)

Next month we’re making our kids speech in an Irish accent and learn how to chug a nonalcoholic beer.

(It’s really hard to sneak a picture so this is what I got. I should’ve just taken one and said George Washington would’ve had an iPhone.)
Happy Holidays.


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