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I am Good at Avoidance

Sometimes I can be a bit of an over-achiever.  At the same time, I don’t actually count my own achievements, only other peoples.  So while on my trip to Israel, I decided that I need to become a professor in Islamic studies and Arabic.  Granted Daniel Peterson has been studying Greek and Arabic since high school and he lived in Egypt for a while and I am stuck in Montana with no possible way of studying Arabic, I still decided this should be my goal.

While there, I also thought: I could run these tours.  I can start my own tour company and get better hotels and better food and a better schedule.  Never mind that I can’t actually go anywhere in Israel because I am so anxious, I should devote my life to giving tours.  Maybe I can compromise and do European tours.  I could give tours based on literature so now I will go home and read forty-five novels and then create a ten day tour based on those novels while becoming an ancient studies professor and raising incredibly brilliant and perfect children.

And then I realize that the reason I am thinking all of these things is because I don’t want to finish editing my manuscript.  I would rather immerse myself in studies than figure out how to describe Steve’s rippling muscles or where the first kissing scene should go and how should I describe it and should I use “lay” or “lie” in this sentence.  I go overboard in my goals so that I can run away from what I should actually be doing.

manuscript, large diet pepsi and my son's socks. Editing may begin!

So today I woke up and decided to finish editing my manuscript and focus more on my writing and less on Arabic.  It has helped that I told myself I can watch 90210 while editing (I edit paper and then put it in the computer.  I can’t edit on the computer.  I believe it is a disability I should be able to get a sticker for so I can park in the handicap spots.)  I must go now.  I have thirty more pages of revisions to type and Brendan just cheated on Kelly. Ooh – maybe I can get 90210 in Arabic!


  1. Andrea says:

    You had me at ‘rippling muscles’….

    1. Marianne says:

      Yeah. it’s like DJ Francis…

  2. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    I am totally in the same boat as you. I realize I’m doing everything (and anything) to avoid editing my ms. It’s taking me forever and no matter how many times I vow to work until its done… I find something else to distract myself with. (Like reading blogs.) Gah, I must get back to it.

    1. Marianne says:

      But it sounds like you are doing it!!! Good for you! I think I will be finished one day. I am just having the problem of figuring out if I am ok with doing all this week for possibly nothing if no one buys it!

  3. Heidi says:

    I am a paper addict. I love computers but I would never be able to go all digital.

    Rippling muscles– is that an action sequence?

    I can’t wait to read the finished product!!

    1. Marianne says:

      Everything I write is an action sequence. Sometimes it is just really really hard to tell.

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