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I Am Passing Judgment (while wearing a nice fall ensemble)

Lately, Facebook seems to be so judgmental.  It’s kind of getting me down.  Now, some of you may think, “But aren’t YOU judgmental?”  My reply is simply: “Yes.  But I’m FUNNY.”

I think judgmentalness, which is not an acceptable a word, is an acceptable state of being.  As long as you do it quietly.  Or you make me laugh.

I understand not everyone is funny.  This makes me very sad.  But I have a solution for this.  (Naturally.)

If you aren’t funny, instead of posting judgments of other people, make fun of yourself so that I can judge YOU in the privacy of my own home.  I think it would be the nice thing to do.  Especially on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays can be slow news days.

And wear more burnt amber colored clothing.  It’s such a nice color to wear this time of year.


  1. livrancourt says:

    Passing judgement can be a huge emotional timesuck, don’t you think? But amber clothing? Always a better choice.

  2. I dunno…I prefer black or tie dye colors myself…although my tie dye owl shirt (uhh…the shirt was tie dyed…not the owls) is a sorta amber color.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Tie dye is always the right choice

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