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I Can Make My Own Choices

I just had a horrible experience I thought I would share.  Because the internet is where you do that.

I almost didn’t buy a pair of earrings (they have 4 rows of pastel beads in lime, pink, orange and lemon.  They’re very vintage and 50’s but the perfectness of them is that these beads are attached to a gold SKULL.  From far away they look so feminine and then up close they remind you that you’re never too close to death.  What more can earrings do, really?).

BUT  I almost didn’t buy them because they’re on clearance and I thought: “Well, if they’re on clearance, maybe no one wants them and I would look like an idiot with them on because people would know no one wanted them and they would be thinking: ‘Marianne is wearing earrings no one wanted.'”

But then I realized 3 things:

1.  I am no longer in high school.

2.  Worrying about this is incredibly stupid and I need to:

  • get more sleep.
  • watch less Gossip Girl

3.  If people don’t want to wear feminine, beaded skull earrings, they’re stupid.

They will come in the mail in 4-8 days.  I hope you’re as excited as I am.

You can find them here, if you want to graduate high school with me.


  1. Ann Cannon says:

    I would wear those earrings. Oh yes I would. Skull earrings are badass.

  2. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    Those are the best earrings, evah! And I’m proud of you for leaving high school behind and buying them. (Though seriously, we all have flashbacks from those horrid years don’t we?)

  3. valerie harker says:

    I think it is pretty impressive when earrings are almost an oxymoron. What will you wear these with? I would only wear them if I had a motorbike. It would have to be orange.

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