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I went to Peru

At the beginning of June, my family and I and a few others went to Peru. I think there were 13 of us. Maybe 14. I don’t know. I may be counting the voice in the head that kept yelling, “How did you end up here, doing this?”

I was fascinated by this chandelier in the restaurant we ate in the first night. Part of me wanted one. The other part thought about dusting it.

I have to admit that I didn’t know a lot about Peru before going. I meant to read up on it but the days slipped away. They slipped away while I read murder mysteries but more about that later.

One thing that I learned was that guinea pig is a normal thing to eat in the Andes. We went to the Andes first so that we could climb Machu Picchu. I didn’t realize this was on my bucket list of things to do before I die, but my husband told me it was and so I went. Then I saw a cooked guinea pig.

I learned that I can’t eat things that still have their teeth. I never knew this about myself before June and now I feel more complete as a human.

We went to Cusco first so that we could acclimate to being so high. Machu Picchu is actually lower than Cusco, but if your body is handling Cusco, it can handle climbing 2,678 steps. In theory.

We were there during a holy festival and there was so much to see. We went to Inca ruins and watched native dancing and learned about the culture. It always amazes me how ancient civilizations were able to build buildings that have withstood earthquakes. They had such precise building codes. (I’m unsure this precision was used when creating those 2,678 steps up Machu Picchu, however.)

June is a holy month, filled with traditional dancing.
There were so many hills. And the Incas would build on the hills. I don’t understand this concept.
These are freshly bbq’d guinea pigs. They are supposed to entice you to stop. Don’t you want to stop? Maybe the stuffing in their guts makes you want to stop…

The night before we started hike #1, I saw a religious icon with flowers in front of it. I like how someone just cut off the top of a Coca-Cola bottle and put flowers in it. It reminded me that worship could be simple. As I was climbing the mountains and thought I wasn’t going to make it and that the Incas created these stairs in order to torture foreigners, I hoped someone would put a Coca-Cola bottle with flowers on my grave.

Diet Coke would probably be more appropriate though.

This was our hike on the first day.
The view was amazing. And there were so many butterflies.
We hiked Machu Picchu as early as we could. When we started, we hiked through the clouds. Then they broke away.

We made it. There were moments I didn’t think I would. I guess stairs were invented before railings. Looking back, I wonder if railings should’ve come first. Especially at the top of mountains. For steps 2,600 to 2,678.

The Andes also had a lot of llamas and alpacas. A lot.

This one is Stanley. He knew how to take a selfie. I liked him.
Edgar would only look over if he was eating.
Sandra was camera shy
Sissy wanted to come home with us.
Edgar was tired of the view
Stanley believed he could fly.

The Andes were magnificent. I honestly don’t have words. That’s why I’ve posted so many pictures.

Next, we headed to the Amazon.

Do you have questions about Peru? So much went on that it’s hard to think of everything to write. Instead I thought it would be easier to answer questions anyone has. What do you want to know about our trip?

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