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I’m a Wanna-Be Outsider.

I am enraged.  Can you tell?

I tell everyone and anyone they should do a race with me.  Mostly I do this so I have someone to hang out with after a race and because I like my friends and I to have matching clothing.  So everyone knows that I did the YMCA triathlon training last year and I was going to do it this year.

My husband is doing it this year and he told a couple people.  5 of his friends are the in the class.  My numbers aren’t that good.  One of my friends who took it last year is taking it again (so I’m not counting her even though she really and truly does count in every way.  Especially if she reads this) and another friend I swim with is taking it.  But that  means that my husband won 5-1.  He’s going to have 5 friends he can wear the same shirt with.  How cool is that?  They’ll be able to re-enact The Outsiders.

I think I need to change my tactics.  Maybe if I tell women we can re-enact The Outsiders they’ll be more willing to go.

Or maybe not.

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