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I’m also Following Blogs from Australia

This may be the last bit of Simon Baker side effects in my life for a while.  Besides thinking I know him and naming my chickens after him, there isn’t much left.


While I was in my googling/stalking/I want to visit Australia stage of my life, or as some call it, April, I happened upon two blogs that are keepers.

And you should follow them.  Because they are interesting and humorous and have this wonderful bit where they chat for five minutes and post it.  It reminds me of conversations I’ve had with friends.  Except it’s only five minutes.  And that’s generally how long we spend trying to decide if we should cook dinner or buy something and throw it into Tupperware and tell everyone we made it.

Anyhow.  Here they are:

The Sharpest Pencil by Lana Hirschowitz and Life and Other Crises by Kerri Sackville

I actually think I would get along better with them than Simon Baker.  Mostly because if I asked them what hair care products they use, I bet they know and would tell me.  (This may be an unfair judgement of Mr. Baker due to the fact that I have never asked him what hair care products he uses and he could be very free with this information.  I’m just worried I’d be arrested by the time I got close enough to ask.)

The best part is if people tell me that stalking is wrong and a bit creepy, I can argue that I found these two blogs that make me laugh and I can listen to them for the exact amount of time it takes me to put things in a Tupperware bowl and slice a cucumber on top to make it look homemade.

And what more can one ask for?

Copyright law is confusing so instead of posting a picture of them, I'm posting a picture of my semi-sharpened pencil.  It connects to what I wrote if you don't think very hard.

Copyright law is confusing so instead of posting a picture of them, I’m posting a picture of my semi-sharpened pencil. It connects to their blog titles if you don’t think very hard.



  1. le0pard13 says:

    My wife would really appreciate your Simon Baker love, Marianne. So into THE MENTALIST is she. If this is your last bit of SB side effects, I’ll offer one of my own. His lovely rom-com with Sanaa Lathan, SOMETHING NEW. Why? Nothing only is it fun, with two fine leads, It’s filmed in the L.A. neighborhood she-who-must-be-obeyed and I have lived going on three decades.

    1. le0pard13 says:

      That’s supposed to read “None only is it fun…” Sheesh, I can’t type anymore!

      1. le0pard13 says:

        “Not…” I stopping here and going to work. 😉

        1. Marianne Hansen says:

          Classic! 🙂

    2. Marianne Hansen says:

      I’m downloading the movie now and and googling where it was filmed. In June, I’m going to LA to take a surf lesson and do touristy Hollywood things you only do with a friend who promises not to tell anyone you actually went on the Hollywood bus tour and screamed at certain houses! (I figure it’ll be a good, mindless way to spend my due date – having security guards asking me to please step back.)

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