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I’m NaNoWriMoing

I am doing NaNoWriMo which means National Novel Writing Month.  I am supposed to write 50,000 words this month.  There is a problem with this, however.  I am a stay at home mother who lives in the United States.  This means that I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks and my children will be home from school for five days.

I haven’t done much research on the NaNoWriMo beginnings, but I’m pretty sure the founders were not stay at home moms.  If they were, they would have chosen January or February for this project when the kids are in school except for a Monday here or there and you don’t have to start buying for the biggest holiday of the year for most young children (mine included – started discussing Santa lists about four weeks ago.)

So now it is Saturday, and I am trying to catch up on my word count because I am behind.  It is DAY 5 and I am behind.  My stats say I will be done December 13th at the rate I am going.  Which isn’t too bad, I don’t think.

I’m not writing anything wonderful, by the way.  I figure that will come as I force myself to write more, more often.  And when I steal a few ideas from books I am currently reading.

(This blog post was brought to you by needing a break from the four hours of writing I just did.  Watch for similar productions.)


  1. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    Go you!!!! Keep writing. Even if it takes you til Dec 13th, you should do it. (says the writer who’s not doing and never has done Nanowrimo). 😉

    1. Marianne says:

      I like how you don’t bend to the pressure of Nanowrimo. I think in another week I may be joining your group of never doing it…

  2. Go, M, I’m with you in spirit. And in writing. Friday was my catch up day. Tomorrow is my fall behind day.

    1. Marianne says:

      I think Mon, Tues and Wed will be my catch up days. Along with Dec, Jan Feb

  3. At some point you will need a break from all that shopping and cooking. So you sit down and write. (Right?)

    And heck, you wrote this blog post. That’s at least 150 words right there.

    1. Marianne says:

      I wish blogs could count in the word count!

  4. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! Maybe when everyone falls into a turkey coma you can catch up.

    1. Marianne says:

      I was thinking of telling my family I am going black friday shopping but heading to a cafe…

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