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,In the Dog House

My kids want a dog.  My daughter really wants a dog.

A grainy and therefore id-defying picture of my daughter with a borrowed dog.

I never had a dog growing up, so I’m not so sure about getting one.  There seems to be a lot of crap involved.  And I already deal with a lot of crap.

We also travel a lot and I’m not sure how far it is to get a dog that is kenneled at least one weekend a month.

Two of our friends got dogs for Christmas.  My kids have been playing with these dogs and whimpering when they leave them.

It’s not like I haven’t tried substitutes.  My daughter has four robotic dogs (all different sizes being able to do different things which means that if you put all four together, it is almost like a real dog) and a  Webkins dog she can play with on the computer.  Why is this not enough?


  1. le0pard13 says:

    Dogs, or pets in general, are a commitment, alright. And there is crap involved, but then again I remember the diaper phase of each of my kids ;-). But, that is the connection here… have your child pick up the crap (works for us and our Alaskan/Shepherd mix). Good luck, Marianne.

    1. Marianne says:

      THanks. I need a lot of luck!

  2. greg pierson says:

    Just bring your kids out here to scoop poop and take care of the pooch. Perhaps that will cure them.

    1. Marianne says:

      That’s where we were yesterday. I think my kids will have to move in to cure them.

  3. I got a dog when I turned 12. It came with a bunch of strings attached, and my parents were quite clear about the fact that these strings were attached to ME. Aside from the fact that he was a total cutie, it taught me things like loyalty, responsibility, independence and keeping to a strict timetable (when he’s gotta GO, he’s gotta GO). He didn’t live long, though, and that was my first close encounter with sudden death and loss, too, when I was 17. (He got hit by a car.) Having a dog while growing up builds character, I think. But yes, I agree… it’s a lot of work, and a lot of crap.

    1. Marianne says:

      It’s amazing how much work it is for parents to make sure their kids’ have responsibility…

  4. Boo and Radley want a dog, too. Their dad keeps saying once we move into a bigger house/bigger yard. I’m not sure that they realize that means more ground to cover when picking up poo….

  5. DeeDee says:

    We are now owners of two dogs… I said it would NEVER be… ‘the stuffed ones are a good substitute without the poop!’. But now that the ‘dog lover of the family’ is old enough and can take care of them… it is good for HER. I do have to say that two dogs are better than one because they are more content, therefore, nicer to be around. So just remember… if you start with one, two is better :).

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