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Katherine’s 4th Birthday

There once was a girl
With a girl
In the middle of her forehead
When she was good
She was very very good
But when she was Bad
She was horrid.

When people arrived, she was sitting in her pink chair watching the people walk past with her gifts. She spent 1/2 of the party in the neighbors house watching tv. She spent 1/4 crying because we were singing happy birthday, because people wanted to watch her open her gifts, and because she picked the pinata Dora the Explorer and didn’t want to beat her open because she had been talking to her for 2 days. The last 1/4 she had “changed her attitude.” The guests had fun. Happy Birthday.


  1. Annie says:

    That is hilarious! HILARIOUS!!! HI-LAR-I-OUS!! I'm dying!!! I love that stinking little girl….

  2. Kristen says:

    You're brave. This is yet another reason we only have family parties until you're 5. Or maybe it's 10. Actually, 16 is sounding better–by then they don't want one!

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