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Land ho

When I made a wish for my birthday cake, I asked the kids to guess what it was and Katherine said, “You wished for a new house.” I then realized that maybe I have discussed this too much. I keep taking the kids on “drives” looking for new lots. I keep finding places and a little thing is wrong. It has not felt right. I felt really good about one lot and it was sold to someone who was willing to spend more. Then our designer has land, but it is on the opposite side of Helena and on the side of a mountain. I worry that I will build too big a house because there is so much space, but there are virtually no covenants or neighbors so how great is that? But then I have to change schools and counties, even though it is only a block over the county line. I found a decent lot near our house but the back is on a major road so how loud will that be? I found a nice sloped lot but it is really small. So now I have found a lot a block from our house and I think the conclusion I have is to low ball the offer and if they accept it then it is meant to be… It doesn’t face the right direction but then we will get more sun in the back. I really hate this. It has been easier to find a floorplan that I like rather than a lot.

And if I move a block a way, nothing much changes except for the floorplan. We would go to the same congregation which I have mixed feelings about. We have great people in our congregation, but sometimes the completely and utterly insane people outshine them. We have a woman who is convinced she is allergic to scents. ANY scents. So on sunday I guess we are supposed to wash with unscented soap and shampoo and wash our clothes with unscented soap. I think she is a nutcase and the only thing keeping my kids from not smelling like scum is lavendar scented Gain. Plus, the lavendar scent is supposed to relax you and I NEED TO RELAX. So does the nutcase. Two weeks ago she let us all know we were going to Hell for wearing scents. I’m just glad to know that Hell will be lavendar scented. It will relax me.

But we will be in the same school which has pro’s and cons. I think James will do great in our grade school but I would like him to do jr high in mt city and Kath doesn’t matter where she goes but it will be easier for me to stay where we are and we would save over $100,000 if we don’t buy 5 acres. But wouldn’t it be great to own the side of a mountain? But then I will be 15 minutes late for everything instead of 5 because our house would be 10 minutes away. And my kids would never walk to school. And we would need a new car because Kevin will never shovel the drive and it would be .5 miles long and I would need a car that could drive through a foot or two of snow to get to the street. And we would then have to buy a four wheeler with a snow plow to plow our street. And I would have to figure out how to keep a sceptic system working. I dunno. Kevin told me not to talk to him about it for a week. That is why I think this is a good week to make an offer. Not my fault if he doesn’t know about it because he made the rule not to talk to him about it.

All is fair in love and land.


  1. Nichole says:

    I hope the nutcase doesn't read your blog:) Good luck with your lot hunting.

  2. mar says:

    Louise Plummer once said, "Never change the name of the guilty." I think if you call all the women in the ward to repentance, that applies to you!

  3. Becky says:

    "…but sometimes the completely and utterly insane people outshine them." Amen!

  4. hollie says:

    i believe we were just talking about your nutcase…could it be? we need to catch up…

  5. Heidi says:

    I had a woman in my ward when I was the RS President who was allergic to all scents too. She stayed home. All the time. When I went to see her I stood outside the door and talked to her because I was unwilling to not wear deodorant!! I can ONLY imagine what it smelled like inside! Yes, lavender scented hell. Love it.

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