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Late Night Netflix

In college, I never drunk dialed anyone.  I’ve never intentionally or knowingly imbibed alcohol, that I can recall.*  But I’ve tired called someone.  And that can be worse.  Because you have no good reason for leaving a stupid message except that you are up much too late and you need to go to sleep.  But that was college.  I don’t call people when I’m tired now.  I do something else.

I tired order Netflix.  I go into my Netflix account, order DVDs, and then I forget about them and go back to sleep.  Which is how I came to recently watchI feel as though I need to apologize to you and to Patrick Dempsey, to be honest, because he would probably like this one to be put somewhere far, far away.

I don’t remember why I ordered this one.  I went through a brief Robert Downey Jr. 80’s phase a month ago, at midnight, but I don’t think I went through a Patrick Dempsey 1980’s phase.

And of course I watched it.  I mean, I did order it.  It’s the least I could do.  I think I need more sleep.

Anyone else order stupid things when you should really just go to sleep?

*I believe that pretty much covers me.


  1. livrancourt says:

    OMG I work night shift. There’s not much I HAVEN’T done tired, although my biggest weakness seems to be kindle romances. There’s a whole ton of books on my kindle with nekked men on the cover, and I don’t have a clear memory of how they got there. Wasn’t really a problem till my husband got a kindle Fire. Since we share the same account, he gets to see EVERYTHING in my stacks. In color. Oops. Some of it makes Loverboy up there look highbrow.

  2. Kinda makes me glad I only pay for Netflix streaming. Sure, the selection isn’t as good, but there’s less commitment involved, so when I make a questionable choice, it’s easier to back away slowly.

  3. Summer says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen Loverboy since I was a little girl! I’m definitely adding this to my Blockbuster @Home queue even though Dempsey may find it odd that I’m making this decision while I’m wide-awake. I know how you feel, livrancourt, I work late nights in one of DISH’s call centers so when most people have already started their day, I’m still sleeping until my normal rising hour of 1 PM. For some reason my family and friends still call and text my sleepy head and me before noon, and I actually answer. While still sleeping I’ve had several conversations that I don’t remember, and often times I make commitments through text that I don’t know about!

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