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Latin Christmas Music

The latest story I am writing takes place in Mexico.  It is based on a personal experience and so to get the right “feel” for the story, I have been listening to Ricky Martin, but only the songs in Spanish (although I do like the occasionally shaking of the bon bon.)

Then I needed variety.  I searched for Spanish music but only got how to learn Spanish for children music.  You have to search for Latin music.  Then I bought 2 albums with good looking men on the covers.  (It helps me write a good leading male.)

Now it is the holiday season and I want  xmas music in Spanish.  I looked up Spanish Christmas music, realized my mistake and looked up Latin.  There are no albums with good looking men on the covers so I am at a loss.  Gloria Estafan’s album is in English.  Ricky Martin doesn’t have one.  Neither does Menudo.  And you can only listen to Feliz Navidad so often before you start thinking dark thoughts.  So I’m thinking my only choice is to drive to Mexico, go to the mall and find out what is playing in the Gap.

But what if it’s Michael Buble?  I will have driven 20 hours for nothing but a really good glass of Horchata.

I think I’ll call.  Does anyone have the number for the Gap in Mexico City? (If so, could you call them because I don’t actually speak Spanish.)

Santa is really busy right now and didn't have time to sign a release form so I thought this picture would work nicely.


  1. Emilie says:

    seriously rolling on the floor laughing, you need to get out of Montana more often it is warping your brain.

    1. Marianne says:

      I’m not sure it would really help.

  2. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    You are just too funny!

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