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Law and Order


I am addicted to Law and Order.   I love the original and Criminal Intent.  I have been feeling tired lately, so I bought Season 1 of the original series.  It took place late eighties.  I miss that time.  I miss that New York City where visiting gave you a badge of courage.  I believe the Boy Scouts gave out a special merit badge if you walked down a street of NYC by yourself.  Now it is family friendly and Law and Order is just about terrorism.  Just.

I think I like Law and Order because the law is dealt with within an hour.  It is semi-nice and neat with a few ethic questions.  I would like to have an hour of law and order within my house once a week.  I would like witnesses as to who touched who first?  Did she really call him a name?  Did he really hit her?  Who was on the computer first?  Whose turn is it to pick a movie?  Who turned the hose on?  Who spilled a whole pitcher of kool-aide on the floor?

Any witnesses I may have to these events are very suspect.  I usually have to treat them as hostile witnesses and they are constantly objecting to my line of questioning or the opposing counsels answers.  None of them are willing to accept a plea, even for a lesser offense and I often find myself just not caring if justice is served.  Jail time in their rooms is minimal so I think I am going to start doing public service.  I think they are going to have to start scrubbing the kitchen floor.  With their tooth brushes.

So I escape into a television show with gruesome violence and really adult themes so that I can feel a sense of make believe justice in the world.  And I like to see how Chris North’s hair has changed over the decades.


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