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Marianne and Poldark are Back!

I haven’t written on the internet for a fairly long time.  I’ve been in a lull.  I took a break from writing.  I tried to enjoy other things.  Cooking and cleaning and knitting and sewing and generally being a Domestic Goddess.  Then I realized I hated everyone and I wanted to burn my house down.  I decided to get back to writing.  For the sake of the family.

I am still in a lull.  I can’t decide if I want to/ should write fiction or nonfiction and it’s very frustrating.  I know I want my writing out there so here I am again!  I have started a manuscript about 5 cousins at a wedding and how weddings magnify wherever we are in or out of a relationship.  I have started a manuscript about an affair that destroys two families, but I tried to make it a mystery and that’s just not working.  And I am thinking of starting something about being a SAHM today.  With so many marriages falling apart and affairs occurring, can you really trust a spouse to stay faithful and support you?  And I know this is a touchy subject from conversations I’ve had with friends and my spouse.  I get frustrated that if a divorce occurs, the spouse that was at home has to get a job.  Often this means going back to school and starting at square one.  I think there should be some compensation for this.  And if both parents work to protect both spouses’ back, does this harm the kids?  I’m not talking about if you need to work for any reason whatsoever.  I’m talking about being able to stay home but unsure you sure because of how society is today.

Like I said.  Controversial.

What is truly wonderful about me coming back right now is that I can start where I left off: POLDARK.  Season 2 has begun and for those of us who watch the episodes when they air in Britain, it has finished.  I liked the book better than the series this time.  Each season goes through 2 books at a time.  You should read them.  There are 12 and I’ve read them all.  That’s also where I’ve been.

Hanging out in Cornwall.  And planning how to actually hang out in Cornwall and finding out if men really do scythe shirtless.

Inquisitive minds want to know.



  1. Karen O'Toole says:

    White Cornish men scything shirtless would be a blinding sight! Keep writing. I enjoy your blog.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      Thank You!!!

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