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Meet Ginny (Ms. Weasley if you’re nasty)

The title of this blog is from a Janet Jackson song.  If you don’t know it, you need to google it.  It will make your life better

Kevin and I have discussed getting a dog for a few years now.  I knew we would get one at some point, but Kevin and I couldn’t agree on a breed.  He wanted a hunting dog and I wanted a dog that could live inside because we share an open space in the summer.   I can’t let a dog live in a kennel for three months.  I just can’t.

So after going back and forth for the last month or so, last Wednesday Kevin came home and said, “I think a good breed would be a Labradoodle.”

I nodded.

Then I got online and found breeders in Montana.  Then I filled out two applications to two different breeders.  Then one responded that she had a puppy now.

Then I bought her.

Then I picked her up on Saturday.

Kevin was a bit surprised.

But it was his idea.

And here she is:

If you look in her eyes, you can see she's vicious

If you look in her eyes, you can see she’s vicious

She took that dog toy and showed who owned it.

She took that dog toy and showed who owned it.

She’s a redhead coming to a 3 to 2 redheaded family.  So the obvious name is Ginny Weasley: The youngest redheaded Weasley girl.

And I will pay someone $50,000* to potty train her.

(*this is just an estimate.  Real value based upon how much is in my wallet at the time.)


  1. Kelli B. says:

    I believe they call that house training. Unless you really want her to use the potty. In which case, $50,000 is a reasonable fee.

    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      I don’t think it’s too much to ask

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