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Mexico Traveling Tips for Families

I travel a lot.  I’ve tried to downplay it, but it’s hard to explain week-long disappearances.  So I’ve decided that I won’t talk about it, but I’ll write about it.

My family recently went to a Mexican resort.  I guess my kids got some cultural exposure, but I’m not completely sure.  We did go to church while there, but I think all they learned during that time is that church is even more boring when you don’t understand a word of it.  Martin Luther was a genius.

But I thought I would pass on a few things I learned while on vacation.  We were in Mexico for a week and then spent four days in Salt Lake City, creating wonderful family time with nightmare dual-season packing.

  1. Teaching your children to ask for “Pina Colada no alcohol” is a great idea.  Not monitoring how many “Pina Colada no alcohol”s they order will result in many, many bathroom breaks.
  2. While watching Fire Dancing is awe-inspiring, having your child tell you that’s what they want to do with their life is not.
  3. When buying candy for your children, read the ingredients even if you don’t speak the language.
  4. Here is a language lesson: The ingredient Chile in Spanish means really hot caramels that will cause small children to cry.
  5. Theater/voice majors work in resorts or on cruises upon graduation everywhere.

I hope this has helped you.  I would also like to add that I refuse to buy anything from street vendors until they tell me “This is a special price, just for you.”  And no matter what language or country, I never seem to be disappointed.


  1. I love your sarcasm! It is sarcasm, right, right?

    1. Marianne says:

      Yes… except I did give my kids caramels with chile. As a treat. They didn’t ask for candy after that.

      1. Ah, good parenting! You can’t beat it! HF

  2. Cora Ramos says:

    Love the new log line. I really love to visit your blog and get some sarcasm (today with a twist of chile). Ha!

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