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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day mothers hope and pray the laundry will be done, the food will be prepared, the dishes will be washed and none of it being done by the mothers.  We hope for this every year and every year we are disappointed.  Generally, we put off what we would have done on Mother’s day until Monday.  At the same time, we have to be pleased by whatever our family does do for us, although all we really want is a nap.

We don’t want a burnt and childmade breakfast in bed because we will have to wash the sheets later on to get all the crumbs off or get the stain from your kid tripping on the way with the tray.  We don’t want flowers with pollen that we have to clean up or a vase that the kids insist on refilling every hour.  We don’t want to have to pretend to be happy with what our family has done that day.  We would like that day to be free of pretending that a finger painting is the greatest thing we have ever seen, although it is just as great as the finger paints the other kids have made.  We would to not have to thank our husbands for putting the dishes away in all the wrong cupboards or doing the laundry and forgetting the fabric softener so we have to peel everything apart as we fold it on Monday because men believe that once the laundry is in the special machines everything is done.

Kevin is surprised that some women don’t like Mother’s Day.  I do personally like it.  It is the one day that I am definitely thanked.  I like being thanked.  I don’t get paid and I have no hope of promotion.  In fact, the older my kids get, the more they believe I am not qualified for the job of being their mother.  But even teenagers thank their mother’s on Mother’s Day.  It is the most important day because of the words “Thank You.”

And now we have four weeks to plan Father’s Day.  When will fathers understand that what mothers do for Father’s Day is really what we would like them to do for us?  I think Mother’s Day should be after Father’s Day so that fathers can just recreate their day for us.  Because on Father’s Day, I cook the lunch, do the dishes, let dad sleep and make the bed.  I would be happy if Kevin just let me sleep.  All Day.  In a sound proof room.  With a padlock the kids can’t pick.  With a margarita mix.  (Happy Cinco de May).

I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite Mother’s Day talks by Phil Snyder:
Father-in-law: Well, Phil, what did you get Lu Ann (Phil’s wife) for Mother’s Day?
Phil: Nothing
Father-in-law: Nothing!? Why not?!
Phil:  She’s not my mother.
Father-in-law:  She’s the mother of your children
Phil: I don’t have any children
Father-in-law: You will in a few days.  (Lu Ann was 9 months pregnant).
Phil: Then you’ll have to take it up with your grandchild next year.

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