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My New Job Part 2

A while ago I posted how a fascinating conversation with a spouse is how much your spouse would pay you to work for them.

I thought I’d follow up.

Now it’s rude to state how much I make so I won’t.

But I will say: Remember that job I had in college where I made sandwiches at that bagel store?  In 1996?  I’m hoping that after my 3 month evaluation, I make as much.

I've kept this.  It's amazing how many situations it's helpful to wear it.

I still wear it in emergencies.


  1. Kelli Butenko says:

    Back then you weren’t sleeping with the boss (tell you me you weren’t, right?). And you made more. Hmm. Just something to ponder.

    1. Marianne says:

      They had a strict management policy. We were only allowed to date customers. (See how I switched verbs there? It’s because I’m a brilliant writer I can do that. )

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