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Out of the Comedy Groove

Lately I feel like I’ve gotten out of my comedy groove.  I’ve been treading water and although I learned to swim, I didn’t properly learn how to tread water.  It has something to do with moving your legs in different directions like egg beaters except that I don’t really use egg beaters unless I’m at my parents house and at home I just use a whisk and they don’t teach the ‘whisk’ way to tread water because you have two legs.

Let’s alter this metaphor.  I feel as though I’m up to my eyes in life.  Which also is technically not possible and I would come up with a better metaphor if I weren’t up to my eyeballs.

I had a week and I’m trying to bounce back and I can’t get enough air under me.  I can see the humor in it all but I can’t make it funny.  I feel like my squeaker is broken.

I threw 2 bday parties with over 13 kids each within 24 hours.   I had to do forensic accounting and find missing money (which sounds cool but is really depressing.).  An old friend decided to be ungracious, I woke up to be told I have skin cancer (minor, non-threatening, really just more of a pain kind) and then I got a migraine at the end of my triathlon.

There is TONS of material in here.  I mean all of this happened within a week.  And instead of it happening in 3’s, it happened in 6’s which just seems unfair and yet incredibly hilarious.  It’s unfortunate I didn’t get it in pictures.

I am definitely learning that no matter what happens in life, we can’t judge other people because they may have woken up and realized that every single kindergartener was in fact coming to the birthday party that night and they only had 12 squirt guns.  When faced with this type of pressure, a person is going to snap and it may happen while you’re watching.

So next time you find someone twitching while in line at Target, instead of passing judgement, pass them a Diet Coke.

(See?  I just don’t have it.  I think the migraine killed some brain cells.)
(I’m hoping the procedure to remove skin one layer at a time brings the funny back.)

Someone who does this to themselves should never lose their comedy groove.

Someone who does this to herself should never lose her comedy groove.


  1. livrancourt says:

    Can you get treatment for that thing on your ankle?
    Hang in there baby…

    1. Marianne says:

      Yeah. It’s really not a big deal… I will be fine Tuesday by dinner :). Then worse part is lying there awake… And they don’t do manicures at the same time. I asked

  2. le0pard13 says:

    Your friends will have your six, Marianne.

    1. Marianne says:

      Thanks! I really appreciate it. Cake has also helped

  3. I know how it feels to lose your funny. But it isn’t lost, it’s buried. I think it’s part of getting out of the groove. I think we should try to write 500 words a day, be they funny or not.

    You first.

    1. Marianne says:

      Ok. I’ll start tomorrow…

  4. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    I think your funny is just taking a little down time (and its well deserved). Stop putting extra pressure on yourself. You’ve had a week and you’re entitled to a bit of seriousness. Don’t worry. Your funny will come back. Unlike mine which ran away when I was 8. If you see it, please call.

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