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Mother/Son Paleontology Camp

How I pack for camping

I’m not a natural camper.  I have to watch a lot of fictional films in order to know how to survive in the wilderness.

Nevertheless, I’m heading up to the North Country to dinosaur camp with my 10 yr old son.

I’ve been looking at the packing list and wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.  I need indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, and galoshes in case of afternoon thunderstorms.  I’ve been perplexed on which shoes I should choose.

The list is so vague.

I will admit the majority of what I know about dinosaurs has come from books I’ve read to my kids that usually rhymed and the Jurassic Park films.  I have also picked up a few tidbits from going to dinosaur museums 1-3 times a year for the last 12 years.

One thing I’ve learned through all of this research is that some dinosaurs may have had feathers.  I thought that if we found a dinosaur, it would feel more comfortable if I wore these:

You have feathers?  So do I!  Welcome to our camp new lil’ dinosaur!

But I’ve never gone to this camp before and so I’m worried it may be too rocky for these shoes.  Large boulders would be easy to climb over; it’s the pebbles that worry me.  It’s really too bad.  I honestly think they’re Dinosaur Welcoming Shoes.  But possible pebbles…

So instead, I’ve chosen to bring these:

Not very welcoming, are they?

How boring are those?  Sure, they’ll probably be better for the hike and the rain and just in general.  But they don’t say “Hello Dinosaur!  I’m just like you!”  No.  Instead, they’re “practical.”  What a horrible word.  It makes me shudder.

I worry I’m becoming a practical person.  I mean, I even bought earrings that are also practical for paleontology camp.

They’re Practical Paleontology Pierced Earrings. Obviously.

I bet everyone has these.  Any dinosaurs we find won’t even realize I’m there;  I’ll just blend into the pebbles.   They’ll barely have any reaction at all.

It’ll seem as if they’ve been dead for a million years.

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