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Podcasts for my Sanity

Don’t pay attention to the pink one. I don’t listen to the pink one. But it looks like it won an award so perhaps I should.

It’s the holiday season. I feel like I spend a lot of December cleaning, doing laundry, wrapping things, and wondering where I hid things I bought earlier in the year so I don’t go too far over budget in December.

To keep my already limited sanity, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a book or two, but often I like short and sweet.

I thought I’d share some of what’s keeping me sane this year. I listen to a lot of different podcasts, but I thought I’d highlight my regulars. I try to vary what I listen to – news v. documentary v. humor v. documentary that is probably more opinion…


  1. NPR Politics Podcast – It’s generally 15-20 minutes. That’s all the politics I want in a day. On Friday, they have “Can’t Let It Go” where each person states what has been a highlight during the week. It ranges from something in politics to Beyonce.
  2. It’s Been a Minute – I only listen to the Friday episode. Tuesday is an interview but I like to listen to three highlighted stories on Friday and his game “Who Said That.” It’s usually random things I wouldn’t otherwise know. I like knowing things I wouldn’t otherwise know.

Documentaries that probably have too much opinion but I like them:

  1. The Dream – last season it was about MLM’s. This season it’s about the health industry. It’s only one episode in but I like the narration and how it’s edited. I agree and disagree with it, but it makes me think. I will always love my Pampered Chef bowls, though.
  2. Business Wars – These are narrations of different rivalries in business. Hershey vs Mars. Macy’s vs Gimbels. They are interested and safe to listen to with kids. The kids even find some of them interesting. They also have Sports Wars that discuss some of the rivalries in sports. That one may be more interesting, actually.
  3. Dolly Parton’s America – most of this was interesting but episode 7 is a must. I learned where the terms “redneck” and “hillbilly” come from and I was shocked. I know so little about the south and I think that might be a fault.


  1. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie – this one is about pop culture and is hilarious. I’ve been going through previous December episodes to keep me sane. It’s been kind of fun to see how their opinions have changed. And they have lots of opinions. And they hold onto them strongly. Until they change.
  2. BBC Friday Night Comedy Hour – this one changes from the News Quiz to the Now Show every few months. I have to admit I think the News Quiz is better. The panelists are asked questions about the news and then they go on tangents. It’s like the British Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. And it keeps me up to date on British news and humor. I knew who Boris Johnson was way before I truly needed to. This made me fun at dinner parties.
  3. Reply All – this one is definitely not safe for kids, but some of the things they discover are unbelievable. Look up the episode on Feral Hogs. Just do it. It may change your life.

That’s all for now. It’s probably too many. And right now my podcast app isn’t working and it’s freaking me out.

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