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psych ward
I bought a skirt from Lands End. At least I thought it was a skirt. It looks like a skirt but it has shorts under it. It isn’t a skort, because I don’t want to admit it is a skort, proving I bought it without reading it’s name which says: “Skort.” I don’t just buy on a whim like my husband thinks I do… It is a skirt but with a seam down the center. I’m not sure what the seam is for. I guess it is in case you want to do a cartwheel and you are in a skirt and you don’t want it riding up. But if you are buying a skirt in my size, you are probably not doing a cartwheel. I think they should offer the skirt in cartwheel and non-cartwheel versions. I am not returning it, though. It is really cute, but I think I will think my undies are falling down whenever I wear it.

I have blue fingernails. I painted them blue. I was feeling wild and crazy. In my twenties, I would have gone camping, driven to Vegas, gone dancing til 4. Now I paint my fingernails blue to show my wildness. Because if I go camping, I have to back for 5 people; if I go to Vegas, I have to find someone to watch the kids and clean my house, and set everything up for the time I am gone; if I go dancing, well, I don’t quite get the same results and I have to get up the next morning and get people dressed and fed and that is no fun. So I paint my fingernails blue and I hide out in my bathroom until they are dry.

I am so crazy, I may need to go hang out with House in the psych ward in my skort.

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